To the Indians Family and the ACT Baseball community,


As many of you may be aware, two of the Indians members, Julian Paramonov (Under16's/3rd Grade) and his mother Victoria were involved in a car accident recently. This accident left both Julian and Victoria with serious injuries, although both are now on the road to recovery. However the big task of taking care of their four children has become increasingly difficult due to the fact that Victoria is unable to weight bare and will be unable to do so for some time.


This is where the members of the baseball community can help out. Steph Cooper-Vassalakis and Ange Leverence, two of the mums whose boys play with Julian are asking if people can help by donating meals. Steph and Ange will appreciate you making a meal that can be frozen, freeze the meal, with label of what is required with heating etc, and the date the meal was cooked. Once the meal is frozen to please contact Steph -0411 733 952 or Ange – 0404 841 997, to arrange drop off or pick up. These 2 lovely ladies will then deliver to Victoria and family.

Some sample meals would be:

Casseroles, soups, spaghetti, pasta dishes, curries.

Slices, biscuits also for the kids for lunches and visitors to the house.


We know the Tribe always come together and will help other members of the family, please understand these meals can be done over some period, they don’t all need to be done this week


On behalf of the committee and the Paramonov family, we appreciate your support at this time!



Seniors training commences Sunday 14th September 2014, 12pm-2pm at Stirling. All players are welcome to attend including junior playings in the U14 and U16 age groups as it will be good for the development to come along and start training along learning from the senior men within the club. 



Indians are now calling for players registrations for the 2014/2015 season. Registration fees are as follows:

Seniors (Men's): $390

Seniors (Women's): $230

Junior playing Seniors: $300

U10's to U16's: $210

U8's (T-Ball): $120

For Rego form please CLICK HERE look under the Senior or Junior tab.


Rego fees



The slight increase in fees is too accomodate any changes with the ACTBA and also juniors will receive a drink bottle and seniors will receive a stubby holder.

The rule of NO PAYMENT, NO PLAYING will be enforced more thoroughly this year! The committee has done its best to work sort out multiple payment options, including PayPal above.  Anyone who requires payment plans must take this up with Danny Serena before registration.



Indians are also searching for coaches, managers and scorers for all junior and senior grades. please note that this year anyone who wants to coach, manage or score a junior team must obtain their working with vulnerable children card which can be easily obtained at the following website: 

Anyone interested in one of these positions should contact:

VP Seniors:                                                                             VP Juniors:

Trevor Elliott                                                                            Ian Watson                                             



For the club to be successful, we need scorers for each team. If you have never scored before that is okay as ACTBA are putting on some scoring clinics over the next couple of weeks. Please Click here for more information




Indians are seeking any interested person(s) who would be interested in maintaining the Indians canteen over the 2014/2015 Season. This job involves making sure that there is enough stock for the weekends and liasion with suppliers to obtain any needed stock.



Indians are also seeking any interested person(s) who would be interested in helping maintain Danny Serena Ballpark (Stirling Playing Fields) for the duration of the season. This job involves making sure the field is ready for weekends games by marking out the lines etc.

For anyone interested in either position or seeking more information please contact

Danny Serena


Kylie White

0408 940 824



Every season our club hosts an US import or two to help boost our A Grade team.  Last year, with the assistance of Gavin Guarrera and Max Casper our first grade team took out the title.  We have recently been in contact with both players and Gavin has indicted he would like to return for another season.  While we are excited about the prospect of having Gavin return, we seek some assistance from the Indians family.

We are now calling for families who may be interested in billeting our imports for the entire season (6 Months) or maybe even part of the season (3 months) ?  Traditionally, we have ensured the imports have work and this way have been able to pay money towards their stay with the host family.  This would be no different.

If you know of someone or are interested yourself please do not hesitate to call me for more information.

Also if you own or work for a company looking for a casual worker for the summer, our billets will be looking for work whilst here for the season.

If you offer your assistance in any way please contact

Trevor Elliott

0410 617 929


Indians Baseball

would like to thank

our sponsors for

Season 2014/15 




Grady's Autos

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If your interested in
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Danny Serena
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